Who we are

Live for Less works to empower the Brisbane community with tools and knowledge to make affordable, valuable choices that reduce environmental impact. We aim to bring you the latest, relevant industry news, ways to live life for less, and shine a spotlight on people in the community who already are.

Live for Less is run by CitySmart, a social enterprise helping to make Brisbane our nation’s most sustainable city. CitySmart is Brisbane City Council’s sustainability agency – learn more about the agency here.

Our team

Mike Watson, Editor

Angela Heck, Managing Editor

Jaleesa Simpson, Coordinator and Contributor

Editorial policy

We aim to bring you voices from within your community – whether it’s an organisation, a person, or yours! Do you have an idea for a story or contribution? Let us know!

Any products or services listed on Live for Less platforms have been carefully considered and reviewed and we’ll make it clear when there’s involvement from a partner. We only partner with people or organisations we believe our community will be interested in and who align with our values.


  • We are a motivating and trusted source of information.
  • We listen to and learn from our community.
  • We grow with our community.
  • We are open and transparent.
  • We are contributing to a better future.

Contact us

If you would like to contact the Live for Less team please head to our Contact Page.