If you want to lower your household carbon footprint and reduce your household bills, Jaleesa MacArthur shares how the Brisbane Carbon Challenge can help you do this.

Brisbane City Council, in partnership with Live for Less’ owner CitySmart, has launched a new initiative to help households reduce their carbon emissions and potentially save thousands of dollars a year.

The Brisbane Carbon Challenge is helping residents understand and reduce their household carbon footprint and save money at the same time.

As part of the program, Council and CitySmart are seeking up to 20 champion households to demonstrate actions to reduce their carbon emissions. These households will receive coaching and up to $4500 worth of incentives to reduce their household carbon footprint.

What is the Brisbane Carbon Challenge?

Through the Brisbane Carbon Challenge, Council is helping residents to understand and reduce their household carbon footprint and save money at the same time.

The challenge’s goal is to reduce the carbon emissions created by Brisbane household to six tonnes on average by 2031. This is roughly a 50 per cent reduction from the current average of 11.5 tonnes.

What is a champion household?

Twenty champion households will be chosen as part of the challenge to achieve a 50 per cent reduction in their carbon emissions.

To help them reach this goal, these households will be supported over a 12-month period by CitySmart and will receive information, tools, expert advice and tailored incentives valued at up to $4500.

Incentives can include a Home Energy Monitoring System to help you track your energy use, replacement of home appliances with more energy efficient models, a bike or scooter to help you reduce your car use, all you need to start a home compost or worm farm, or even GreenPower for a year.

The households will be supported by CitySmart throughout 2021 to understand where their carbon emissions are coming from, take action to reduce them and share their experiences along the way.

How do I become a champion household?

Applying to be a champion household is easy! Apply to be a champion household here.

There are two steps to complete an application:

  1. Use the Brisbane Carbon Challenge Calculator to estimate your household carbon footprint and take note of your results. If you fill out the calculator on your phone, it may be helpful to take a screenshot and save the image for easy reference.
  2. Once you’ve estimated your footprint, complete the online application form.

Find out more about completing the application here.

What savings are possible with the Brisbane Carbon Challenge?

Even if you’re not selected as a champion household, there are still ways to save money by reducing your carbon footprint.

For example, installing solar can pay for itself in three to five years and save as much as $1400 each year on electricity bills. Simple things such as turning off appliances and switching to LEDs can save hundreds of dollars too.

If you want to find out how you can reduce your carbon emissions and household bills, use the Brisbane Carbon Challenge Calculator.

It estimates your carbon emissions and offers tips to reduce carbon output and lower your energy bills.

Want more information or have questions? Get in touch with the team at carbonchallenge@citysmart.com.au