Discover a world of endless possibilities at your local Brisbane City Council Treasure Trove. Nicole Lutze shares how you can support your local circular economy and charity while adding a unique style to your home.

In Brisbane, there are plenty of secondhand shopping opportunities: op-shops, pre-loved fashion stores and markets being the most obvious places. But if you’re keen to start finding some real bargains, look no further than Brisbane’s best-kept secret: Treasure Trove.

Brisbane City Council’s two Treasure Troves, which were previously known as tip shops, are an ideal way to support your local circular economy and save money while reducing waste to landfill.

If you’ve ever had doubts about the need to reduce new purchases, consider this: humans over-consume resources to such an extent we need roughly 1.6 planet Earths to sustain us. To put that into a calendar perspective, Earth Overshoot Day (the day at which humans have consumed more resources than Earth can regenerate in 12 months) was August 22 last year. That means, for the remainder of the calendar year, we were going into resource debt. When you consider that we have been overshooting for more than 50 years now, it’s hard not to feel a little overwhelmed.

By making simple changes like shopping within the secondhand marketplace and choosing public transport options, we can help reduce our global consumption habits.

Located in Geebung and Acacia Ridge, Treasure Trove stores are open from 8am – 4pm every weekend, making them the perfect way to start your weekend thrifting adventures. Why? Because they have great quality stock at super competitive prices, but from an entirely practical point of view: they have the earliest Saturday opening times of any thrift store and they’re open all day Sunday – a rare treat in the world of weekend thrifters.

Because the Endeavour Foundation manages Treasure Trove, all profits from the shops go towards providing opportunities and improving the wellbeing of people living with disabilities.

Treasure Trove is a great place to affordably style your home and let it stand out from the crowd.

They are literally a treasure trove for everyone including budding home stylists, artists, bargain-hunters, sport and outdoor enthusiasts and upcyclers. In store, you’ll find an array of items, including:

  • Indoor and outdoor furniture;
  • homewares;
  • kitchenware and accessories;
  • toys;
  • books;
  • sporting equipment, including bikes and exercise equipment;
  • clothing;
  • shoes;
  • bags;
  • artwork, and more.

To create the ultimate eco-shopping weekend on the north-side, use public transport when heading to Geebung’s Treasure Trove store. Train travel produces up to five times less greenhouse gas per passenger kilometre than cars, and Treasure Trove is only an eight-minute walk from Geebung station. After securing some bargains, you can also visit the nearby Link Vision and Salvation Army op-shops, open from 9 am near the station.

For south-siders keen to follow the secondhand market trail, Acacia Ridge’s Treasure Trove has three nearby op-shops: the Lifeline Superstore Acacia Ridge, The Salvo’s Store in Archerfield and Vinnie’s Acacia Ridge. To view all of Brisbane’s op-shopping stores in one convenient map, check out the reuse, upcycle and recycle trail map.

Those wishing to make donations to Treasure Trove must head to one of Brisbane City Council’s resource recovery centres; donations cannot be made in-store. Ensure your items are in good used condition before offering them.

By choosing to buy second-hand you can save money, support a great charity and help keep Brisbane clean and green. Make the change and put the savings to good use elsewhere by visiting Treasure Trove this weekend.