Swapping quick single serve snacks for larger packets could save you more money than you realise.

Our lives are busier than ever these days, and with the changing logistics of daily life (the number of families with two working parents has increased over 4% in a decade according to the ABS) it’s no wonder we’re under the pump on a daily basis to keep the wheels turning. So of course, convenience is king! But have we fallen into a trap set by the big 4 supermarkets to essentially charge us more for the same product?

Today we are sharing some easy swaps for single serve convenience foods that will not only save you money but will also cut out some of the additional preservatives and sugars often included. For the sake of comparison, we’ve compared the same brands where possible and identified if they are different.

Yoghurt Tubs & Pouches

The dairy aisle at any supermarket is testament to the popularity of yoghurt in our lives. You can find it in pouches, single serve tubs, kilo buckets and everything in between. Ditching the single serve yoghurt pouches represents the biggest savings of all, and with re-useable alternatives like Sinchies or Little Mashies, you can still give kids (and adults!) the convenience of single serve pouches without the cost and excess plastic. If you regularly consume a kilo a week, you could save up to $475 a year!

Yoghurt Tubs
Yoplait Single Serve Tubs (12x100g serves) = 58c per serve
Yoplait 1Kg Tub = 40c per serve
Savings = $1.83 per kilo
Cost saving per year (based off one kg tub per week) = $95.16

Yoghurt Pouches
Chobani Single Serve Pouch (140g) = $2.25 per serve
Chobani 907g Tub = 97c per serve
Cost saving? $1.28 per pouch, $9 per kilo
Cost saving per year (based off one tub per week) – $475

Single Serve Oat Packets

As soon as winter hits oats become the go-to breakfast for work. Single serve options are tempting, but purchasing larger packets is possible – better still, purchase rolled oats and make your own up at the beginning of week and everyone will be ogling your healthy breakfast!

For a super-simple DIY Oats, combine 3 cups of rolled oats, 1 cup of mixed seeds, nuts, dried fruit, 1 tablespoon of chia seeds and 1 tablespoon each of cinnamon and sugar or sweetener. Store in an air-tight jar until ready to use. Add milk and cook 2 minutes in the microwave for a delicious and healthy start to the day.

Uncle Toby’s 10 single serve (340g total) = 48c per serve
Uncle Toby’s Boxed rolled oats (1kg) = 21c per serve
Cost Saving? 27c per pack, $7.94 per kilo

Carmen’s 8 Oat Sachets (320g total) = 75c per serve
Carmen’s bulk pack (775g) = 41c per serve
Cost Saving? 34c per serve, $8.5 per kilo

Single Serve Almond Packs

Healthy snacks for the office are coming at a high price if you’re buying them in single serve packets. Some may argue that single serves stop over-consumption, but if you pre-portion large bags of nuts out after your shop, you’ll have precisely the same with a significant cost saving. At $6.30 for six 30g packets, you’ll save over $17 per kilo by purchasing in bulk and portioning out yourself.

Almond 6 Pack = $1.05 per serve
Almond bulk option = 52c per serve
Savings? 53c per serving, $17.67 per kg

Single Serve Popcorn Bags

This healthy snack for school kids is great to throw in the lunchbox, but the convenience of packets is costing you a packet (you see what we did there?). By purchasing the bulk pack you can save around 18c per single serving or over $13 per kilo. To really supercharge the savings, why not save one of those poor lonely popcorn makers from the op shop – they are literally lining the shelves.

Cobbs Popcorn Packs x 5 = 64c per serve
Cobbs Bulk pack = 46c per serve
Popcorn Popping Kernels = less than 6c per serve

Single Serve Pretzels

Another popular lunchbox snack is the salty pretzel! We compared Parker’s single serve 6 pack of 25g pretzels which come in at 52c per serve to the bulk option which is only 31c a serve representing around a $8.40 saving per kilo.

Single serve = 52c per serve
Bulk = 31c per serve
Savings = $8.40 per kilo

The savings per pack may seem small, but over the course of a year, these small savings will add up to a big cash injection back into your pocket making it well worth going to the extra effort. Better yet, get the kids into the kitchen to help with the preparation ready for the week ahead.

The saving of $474 a year is if you consume a kilo of small packets of yoghurt a week. All savings mentioned are based on prices calculated in September 2019.