Rethink washing day to improve your home's energy efficiency and lower your power bills.

Your laundry appliances can be a significant drain on your power bill, particularly if you have a clothes dryer. Read on for some tips on making laundry day smarter and greener.


Cold is gold

The typical cost of running your washer using cold water is, on average, about 75% less than using warm or hot water. Most detergents on the market are adapted for cold water use, so why use hot? For certain stains that need hot water, soaking with your chosen detergent in a 8 litre bucket will do the trick


Load from the front

If you have a top loading washing machine that’s due for replacement, consider buying a front loader instead. Front loaders use significantly less water, usually around 50% less. They also have higher spin speeds, which allows for more efficient drying and means less time in the clothes dryer.


Your clothes line and clothes dryer are friends

Ideally, a clothes dryer should complement your trusty Hills Hoist or folding drying rack, not replace it. Remember that sunlight costs zero and also has antibacterial benefits.


Get pumped

Choice Magazine recently noted that while not a new technology, heat pump condenser clothes dryers are back on the market due to growing demand for more energy-efficient appliances. Though they are more expensive to buy, if you shop around for a good price it will pay for itself sooner. A heat pump dryer will use on average 63% less power than running a similarly size standard dryer.


Clean the lint filter in your dryer

Lint filter? What’s that we hear you ask? This often forgotten part of a clothes dryer builds up with fibres from your laundry every time you run a load. See if you can get into a habit emptying out your filter every washing day. A clean filter allows your dryer to run more efficiently. There’s also less chance of your house burning down in a fire. Win!