The Live for Less zone at Brisbane's Green Heart Fair on 3 June 2018 will feature a great line up of knowledgeable presenters on sustainability topics. Here's a run down of who you'll see on the day.

Valerie Pearson, Green Living Australia

Valerie Pearson is an author, presenter and resident expert at Green Living Australia, an Australian owned and operated company located south of Brisbane. The business evolved from a need to create home-made, preservative free, additive free foods, and chemical free body products to combat the ever increasing food allergy and chemical sensitivity within our society.

From this, Green Living Australia has built a strong community, providing pure cultures, equipment and education for conscious foodies to fill their dietary requirements and gourmet food cravings and to make all natural body products that are chemical free and sustainable.

Jessica Lindsay, Mallow Sustainability

Jessica Lindsay is a waste management specialist and the founder of Mallow Sustainability, a Queensland company specialising in organic waste collection from businesses, composting and sustainable farming.

Jessica is a fantastic source of knowledge for residents composting at home.

Mallow collects food waste such as coffee grinds, fruit and vegetable scraps and other organic waste such as compostable coffee cups from businesses around Brisbane. They then use a combination of composting and worm farming to break down organic material into valuable soil amendments. Mallow uses the compost it produced in their farming operations, and they also supply organic, local, seasonal produce to cafes and restaurants in the Brisbane area.

Claire Bickle, Gardening for the Good Life


Claire Bickle is a sustainable gardening expert and regular Live for Less contributor. She is a qualified Brisbane based horticulturist, having a Diploma in Horticulture and an Advanced Design Certificate in Permaculture Design. She delivers sustainable living seminars for the Brisbane City Council and has been a guest speaker at many different Queensland gardening events and expos.

She has also presented ABC Radio shows and written for many horticultural and sustainability publications such as Earth Garden & Good Organic Gardening.

Roman Spur, Spurtopia

photo: Francis Witsenhuysen

Roman Spur is a sustainable design engineer and founder of the SpurTopia sustainable living blog. Roman and his wife Jana Spur recently began building a “sustainable paradise” on their Fernvale property and through running open days, workshops, talks and opening their home to the public they are proving that living sustainably is possible. The Spurs aim to set an example of self-sufficiency. They now produce more food than they can eat, are energy positive, water sufficient and nearly waste-free.

Previously, Roman applied his sustainable living principles to living in rental properties and wrote an excellent three-part Live for Less series called Sustainable Living In Units.

The Green Heart Fair will be held on Sunday 3 June at 7th Brigade Park, Chermside.

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