The Live for Less manifesto


Embrace thy inner cheapskate.

Why buy what you don’t need? Why choose new if you can buy 2nd hand or borrow? Why throw away when you can reuse? Is public transport a cheaper option? Listen to your inner cheapskate and follow the path to wisdom. And saving some dollars.


Everyone has a green thumb, even you.

Sustainably growing your own food is cheap, rewarding and uses an untapped urban resource. Whether in pots or in a garden, green is good.


Waste not, want not, landfill not.

Does everything you put in the bin need to be there? Use less disposable bags and packaging. Start a compost heap or worm farm. Buy pre-loved clothes. Love your yellow recycling bin. There are lots of ways to reduce your waste footprint.


Food is for people, not landfill

A surprising amount of food in Australian households goes to waste. Try planning your menu for the week and shop to a list. You’ll save money, and save excess food from going to airless landfill where it produces methane, a greenhouse gas.


Get down with carbon emissions

Explore the parts of your life where you might reduce carbon emissions to help tackle global warming. It might be transport, or electricity, or finding out the food transport miles of produce you buy in a shop.


Knowledge is power, action is golden

Learning is good. Action is even better. And you’ll have a story to tell.