Still thinking about an electric car this year?  You’re among 54% of Australians who are interested in getting one as their next car.

Maybe your current car’s on its last legs and you know you want your next one to be more planet-friendly.  Or, you’re worried about the fluctuation of petrol prices, but know that fuelling your car at home on electricity is more economical as well as more convenient?

No matter where you are in your electric car buying decision process, we’ve got a couple of practical pieces of advice for you to consider to help move you along your journey.

What car should I get?

In Australia there are currently more than 30 different models of new electric cars available for sale and six new models hitting the market before the end of this year. So, if you’re looking to buy one new – SUV or otherwise – there’s a good chance that one of the models available currently will suit your needs.

In addition to model type, the price of the car and  its range (how far it can go on a single recharge of its battery) are other typical considerations when buying a new electric car.  While purchase price for electric cars is typically higher than conventional cars currently, they are cheaper to run due to lower fuel and maintenance costs. Want to check for yourself? Try calculating the total cost of ownership of an electric car using this free calculator by the NRMA.

Electric car woman recharging

What if I prefer not to own?

Not everyone can or wants to own a brand new car. So if you want to use an electric car, but aren’t a new car buyer – what do you do?

Great news! There are a handful of options for you to investigate. Firstly, a number of providers offer subscriptions of electric cars for use via a weekly fee. Kind of like you might sign up for Netflix or Spotify, you can pay to use an electric car with minimal lock-in times and the ability to swap types of car, to learn about different models.

Carbar is one car subscription service which features electric cars or you can review offerings that pair with charging solutions such as the ones from AGL or Sonnen which are compared and summarised here.

Electric car BMW parked


Sounds interesting, but I have more questions

You like the sound of an electric car, but you’re just not sure? It’s understandable. It’s a big mental shift to go from a traditional technology to something new. And even if Tesla have made it popular – there is still a lot to learn.

Whirl specialises in helping everyday people researching electric cars by offering access to electric car owners via free virtual consultations. You can speak to Jon or Yvette by phone or zoom for free at a time of your choosing to learn about how they made a seamless transition to electric mobility and what they considered before making the jump.  Speaking to another owner about their experience was the perfect complement to their research according to 9 of 10 Brisbane residents who attended the 2021 EV Experience Day in Cleveland in September.